A typical Workshop


In our Receptive Nest workshop you will learn a yoga practice that is designed to support reproductive health and aid in conception. The workshop includes yoga asanas (poses) including restorative poses, in which the body is supported with simple props thus allowing you to relax very deeply into the pose. We also discuss various approaches to yoga practice that will encourage fertility as well as give you our thoughts about what to avoid. Each workshop generally lasts 2 to 4 hours.

Benefits of the Yoga Poses

The yoga poses are chosen to:

  • oxygenate the pelvic organs, increasing physical and energetic circulation
  • help to regulate hormonal function by eliciting the body’s innate relaxation response
  • release tension from the abdomen
  • strengthen and stimulate the body without irritating it
  • create an overall feeling of well being and peace of mind

Ideas for Class or Home Practice

The concepts taught in the workshop can be applied to a home practice as well as in any yoga class. The group setting is especially supportive – a place for the exchange of ideas and discussion.

Restorative Home Practice Guide

A detailed home practice guide is available to workshop participants. 

A complete guide includes:

  • photos and instructions for setting yourself up in the restorative poses
  • suggestions for developing a home yoga and restorative yoga practice
  • an overview of yoga physiology as well as the physiology of the individual restorative poses, (how and why they do what they do)
  • frequently asked questions and our answers to them
  • a list of websites for purchasing yoga props
  • a list of alternative practitioners that specialize in fertility and women’s health

Yoga, Fertility and Us

Karen and Barrie both used yoga successfully to navigate the emotional and physical stresses that came with the challenging years of trying to conceive. The workshop is a direct result of their very different experiences and explorations. They  bring an open, encouraging, safe atmosphere to their workshops and feelings of understanding and support to their students.
Check With Your Doctor

We have found the workshop to complement medical fertility treatments but please check with your doctor first.

The body tends to cool down when relaxing so please bring something warm to wear for the restorative poses.

This workshop is designed for women, men and their partners who are trying to conceive or are planning to in the near future. It is not designed as a teacher training.