Barrie Raffel has been my yoga guide and teacher for 15 years.  Her class is a safe place to be ones self, and to learn what we individuals can do in our own lives to find what we need.  Also, she’s funny, hip, and completely focused on what works for each of us.  Given my habits and life style, it’s a wonder I’m still mobile and relatively flexible.  Thanks, Barrie.


Barrie Raffel’s yoga classes have been some of the most meditative experiences I’ve had. Her words, her thoughts and ideas about our bodies and its movement, and especially the way she explains what we should be striving for and feeling as we work together, are unique and meaningful. She seems to know how to speak directly to the insides of our bodies, our muscles, and our bones–without us needing a translator to deliver the messages.


I have taken yoga classes for years and had many teachers. None of the teachers I have had can compare to Barrie. She is so thorough & intuitive. Barrie quickly accessed my strengths & weaknesses. In her class I have become much more conscious of what to work on in my body and have become much stronger within just a matter of weeks. Going to her class regularly has enhanced my physical & mental well being thus improving the quality of my life!

-Rachel Richardson

I absolutely love taking a yoga class with Barrie.  She always asks how is your body–any issues?  She always walks around the room to make sure you are in the right position for the pose.  Best of all she modifies the pose if need be.  She is  nurturing and attentive to details.  A most satisfying way to learn yoga is to have Barrie as your teacher!


The restorative yoga class offered by SLI is one of the great perks of working here.  Once per week, Barrie Raffel arrives with her blankets, eye pillows and sparkling energy.  Always uplifting, she gently guides even the stiffest through stretches designed to release tension in the back and shoulders.  Once in the restorative position, full relaxation is more quickly achieved.  Her positioning seems to have a magic affect that induces calm quicker than a catnap on your own couch.

Refreshing and invigorating, energy is restored.  Tension is relieved from both mind and body after an hour session with Barrie.  Whatever stress was brought into the room is significantly decreased with greater focus on new tasks made possible.


Barrie is a wonderful yoga instructor! She is always clear in her demonstrations of poses and offers suggestions for modifying according to each person’s abilities, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner. She circulates the room, using gentle hands-on corrections. She really takes the time to get to know each person, their strengths, sports they may play, their limitations or particular ailments. For example, I suffered from a shoulder injury a few weeks ago. Barrie helped me make modifications and showed me alternative movements that helped ease the pain and loosen the surrounding muscle tension caused by the stress on my shoulder. She uses wonderful, creative imagery to describe the movement of our muscles and internal organs, the purpose of each pose and how it relates to the body and the pose before. I always feel great after a class with Barrie!